Alfalfa Harvest in California


Sudan acres in Imperial Valley as of June 13th was 57,576 acres, which is almost the same as last season at this time.  Farmers continue to plant sudan and we anticipate total sudan acres in the Imperial Valley to be about 65,000 acres.

Imperial Valley Sudan:

Farmers in the Imperial Valley are busy planting and harvesting sudan grass.  Sudan acres as of June 3rd were 52,445 acres.  In 3 weeks, farmers planted an additional 13,819 acres after harvesting wheat. It now appears total acres in the Imperial Valley will be close to last year’s July peak acres of 64,607. Also, we expect less domestic demand this year due to declining alfalfa prices and feel there will be plenty of sudan supplies to meet export demand.

The early harvest has started with confusing and inconsistent pricing in the country side. The quality has been somewhat inconsistent due to a variation in stem size and color and should become more stable as harvest progresses.  BVT is being very cautious in our sudan purchasing as we try to understand true demand and pricing from Japan buyers. details...


Ocean Freight Update:

WTSA carriers have announced a GRI effective July 1st for shipments to Asia.  Increase from PSW ports would be $50 per container.  It is not clear at this point if the lines will actually take the increase.  Bunker surcharge will increase in July for the 3rd quarter of 2012, increasing pricing by $1/MT

Sudan Hay

Sudan baling has started in the Imperial Valley this past week. The majority of the Sudan baled so far is standard green color with premium stem. There is a limited amount of medium color Sudan that is cut and will be baled within the next few days. The quality we are seeing thus far is very typical of early harvested Sudan.  As we enter June, the rate of sudan baling will increase.  New crop Sudan is available for June shipment. Place your orders soon to start receiving 2012 crop Sudan.

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa harvest in California is now very busy as we are seeing harvesting in most production areas. We are seeing some very nice quality alfalfa hay being baled in many areas of California, as well as Arizona. In Southern California, farmers are harvesting 3rd cutting and some will start 4th cutting soon. Aided by very good weather, the quality produced in April and May was quite nice, with most alfalfa making premium grade and recently some #1 grade. Most alfalfa has very good green color and medium stem. In Central and Northern California, growers have completed 1st cutting and are now harvesting 2nd cutting. After some challenging weather in April, the quality of later 1st cutting and 2nd cutting has been quite nice. Almost all alfalfa is making premium grade, with good tests. With very good demand from many export markets, BVT has been busy inspecting a lot of alfalfa hay and securing stacks that should work well for our customers. Demand from the various markets has been good. BVT can offer alfalfa hay from both of our processing facilities, and in packaging to meet the needs of our customers, from double compressed 3 tie alfalfa to 400 kg sleeve big bale. Pease contact BVT to place your alfalfa orders.

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