Border Valley Trading is pleased to announce that we've accomplished a great deal during some challenging circumstances. We have an incredible team that doesn't stop working to make improvements and finish projects to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers.   

The company has now completed all of our drainage improvements throughout the facility, all storage pads are now rocked and the asphalt project around the office/shop/press area has been completed. This summer we will install the mixing and throughput upgrades on the chaff press, the new BB cut down machine will be installed to expand capacity and we will begin the process of adding an additional 40 on-site pads (40,000 tons) to increase storage capacity.  

We take a great deal of pride in our facility and the improvements we've made and we hope that our customers will benefit from our efforts.     


Border Valley is pleased to announce an upgrade will be installed in the fall of 2021 to increase the output and improve the blend coming off of our Hunterwood Technologies Chaff Press. The press is a standard press designed to compress loose grass hay or loose alfalfa hay generated from our export hay processing. 

Border Valley sorts the grass hay separately from the alfalfa hay to make two different products; a grass hay mixed chaff bale and an alfalfa chaff bale. All forage material will now be blended through a new mixer box to provide a more consistent finished product. The forage is also processed through a series of magnets to sort out any potential metal contamination.

The output bale from the Chaff Press measures 45″ wide x 30″ high x 43″ long (114 cm x 76 cm x 109 cm) and weighs 300 kg, or 661 lbs. with container weights of 20 MT.

You will find the Border Valley Chaff Bale options to be low-cost alternatives for those end users looking for a quality, inexpensive grass hay or alfalfa hay product in their ration. 

On March 9th, Border Valley Trading celebrated its 32nd year in business. The owners would like to thank the BVT team, customers, farmers, vendors and all others that have helped the company reach this milestone. We are very blessed and thankful to have realized this accomplishment. We look forward to the years to come.

Border Valley Trading and affiliated companies have positioned themselves in the Ag space to leverage and scale opportunities presented in forage farming, product sourcing, beef production, and logistics while supporting environmental initiatives.

The company supplies in excess of three-hundred and fifty thousand tons of forage products to domestic and international customers around the world. 

The owners of Border Valley Trading also operate Mesquite Cattle Feeders in California and Lariat Cattle Feeders in Kansas. Mesquite was one of the first feedlots established in the Imperial Valley and has been feeding cattle since the 1940’s. Our commitment to animal health, safety and welfare at Mesquite and Lariat extends beyond our own cattle feeding operations. It drives our companies culture; a commitment to providing a “safe, quality feed” to every customer on every shipment.



The strategic location of our facility makes Border Valley Trading one of the most diverse, well equipped companies to source and ship PSW products.

  • Imperial Valley, California - This location benefits from the rich soil and dry climate in the Valley that produces some of the highest quality forage products in the world. With favorable growing and harvesting conditions, Valley farmers can produce a diverse variety of forage products to meet specific customer needs.  This state of the art facility has been in operation for over 20 years. With 6 compress machines (3-tie, big bale, big bale cut down) and 150,000 tons of storage on a 170 acre production site, it is California’s largest processing and storage export facility.

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