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Kenworth Trucking Company

bvt logisticsBorder Valley, founded with a primary goal of becoming the best export forage company in the industry, is now one of the largest exporters of compressed hay products in the state of California.

Long a leader in feed safety, Border Valley has expanded their commitment to growers, customers, vendors, and the general population by replacing its fleet of diesel trucks with units that utilize clean-burning LNG fuel, making an investment to improve the environment. With fifteen LNG powered trucks currently in operation, they plan an additional five to ten by second quarter of 2009.

The use of LNG helps reduce harmful emissions of smog-forming NOx by more than 30 percent and Greenhouse Gas emissions by more than 20 percent. Fleet operators report a 30 percent or better operational cost savings when running LNG trucks in place of diesel units. Border Valley’s new, clean-burning LNG trucks will significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions, lowering distribution costs and allowing their vehicles to run more efficiently and with less maintenance.