The BVT Group

Border Valley Trading and affiliated companies have positioned companies in the Ag space to leverage and scale opportunities presented in forage farming, hay sourcing, beef production, a fully integrated logistics platform, ruminant technical and nutrition consulting along with a company that supports our environmental initiatives.

Border Valley Trading supplies in excess of three-hundred thousand tons of forage products to domestic and international customers around the world. To facility timely trade of our products, Border Valley Logistics deploys a fleet of 50 trucks that are mostly powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The LNG trucks help the company to control product movement while also reducing emissions when compared with diesel powered trucks.

The partners of Border Valley Trading also own Mesquite Cattle Feeders, an established third-generation feedlot with 40,000 head of beef cattle. Mesquite was one of the first feedlots established in the Imperial Valley and has been feeding cattle since the 1940’s. Our commitment to animal health, safety and welfare at Mesquite extends beyond our own cattle and feeding operation. It drives our companies culture; a commitment to providing a “safe, quality feed” to every customer on every shipment.

The knowledge and expertise gained through ruminant feeding at Mesquite, helped Border Valley establish a ruminant nutrition and technical services company; Border Valley Trading Nutrition and Technical Services. Managed by Dr. Jonathon Beckett, Ph.D., this company provides professional services to our customers related to nutrition, added value strategies, genetic improvement, endocrinology and specialized feeding of Holstein genetics. Dr. Beckett consults farms in California, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Mexico and Indonesia. He oversees the nutrition for approximately 750,000 cattle on feed.  

To support the sizeable Natural Gas fleet at Border Valley Logistics and our other natural gas projects, the owners also diversified into the Natural Gas business. This venture, Greenfix America, specializes in the engineering, design and manufacturing of Natural Gas Fueling products that include LNG/CNG fueling systems and re-gas units for both small and large applications.