Hunterwood Technologies Chaff Press

Border Valley is pleased to announce the installation of a new Hunterwood Technologies Chaff Press. The Chaff Press is a standard press designed to compress loose grass hay or loose alfalfa hay generated from our export hay process or other loose forage sources.

Border Valley sorts the grass hay separately from the alfalfa hay to make two different products; a grass hay chaff bale and an alfalfa chaff bale. All forage material is blended through a mixer box to provide more consistency in the finished product. The forage is also processed through a series of magnets to sort out any potential metal contamination.

The output bale from the Chaff Press measures 45″ wide x 30″ high x 43″ long (114 cm x 76 cm x 109 cm) and weighs 300 kg, or 661 lbs. with container weights of 20 MT.

You will find the Border Valley Chaff Bale options to be low-cost alternatives for those end users looking for a quality, inexpensive grass hay or alfalfa hay product in their ration.