Border Valley Trading was founded in 1989. Since its founding, the Border Valley team has been committed to being the best, most reliable and most diverse exporter of alfalfa and grass hay/straw, located in California. Our commitment is to never stop working to better ourselves and improve upon these goals.

Border Valley and its affiliates have spent 26 years building responsible and reputable agribusiness that our employees, farmers, communities and customers have come to rely upon. These companies engage in businesses that complement and support one another; farming, the export forage business, the domestic forage business, cattle feeding, logistics/documentation services along with technical and nutritional consulting to customers. We feed and care for our own animals every day so we have the knowledge, know how and commitment to help and support other farmers throughout the world to do the same.

With two processing facilities, the company relies upon long-term relationships with a sizeable number of loyal, dedicated farmers that are located throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Southern Oregon. This large supply area and farmer base provides the company with the most diverse product line and quality options that customers can find from any U.S. supplier.

Our processing facilities are located in two of California’s most productive farming regions; the Imperial and San Joaquin Valley’s. These locations are ideally situated to source product from multiple growing regions while facilitating shipments with Border Valley Logistics through the Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland.

With state-of-the-art processing and packaging options to support diverse customer requirements, there is no product or package that Border Valley cannot supply to the market. Combined with 150,000 tons of on-site covered storage, we can ensure a customer’s inventory is safe and secure from weather and any feed safety concerns. No detail is overlooked when it comes to maintaining the safety and integrity of our customer’s product.

The owners of Border Valley also understand that we have a responsibility to help the environment and support sustainable agriculture. We’ve taken bold steps with sizeable investments in both solar and Natural Gas powered vehicles. We also understand the importance of food and feed safety. The company will always invest in what we feel to be most important; a safe, quality product that our customers and people around the world can have confidence in while doing our part to help the environment.